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The new generation Mazda VX-1 will be present in Indonesia Year 2016


According to the combined data of the motor vehicle Industry (Gaikindo), Indonesia Mazda VX-1 is indeed just sold 96 units by 2015. A very small number when compared to the Suzuki Ertiga who sold 47015 unit, for the period January-November 2015.

Then why PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) decided keep will make the latest generation of VX-1, even though its not much demand? "Project VX-1 still project principal to principal (prisipal Suzuki and Mazda in Japan). We just run it, "said Astrid Ariani Wijana, Senior Marketing PT MMI. "In addition, the devotees are outside the city also still exists."

To be sure, the loss does not sell MMI PT Mazda V-1. Although its not much volume. "If producing Mazda VX-1 makes a loss, this project might not continue in Indonesia," imbuh Astrid which are very fashionable. The production of VX-1 which is still carried out by Suzuki in Indonesia, it is also not necessarily be burdening the Mazda. "In principle, if there is a demand to be produced," he said.

TVS X 21, Comes With A Feel Of Racing


TVS the X 21 in post at the Auto Expo 2016 (3/2), is racing with shades of interpretation from the manufacturer which has just launched the TVS Apache RTR 200.

It is evident from his racing design that accentuates the look with a slightly tapered shape. Moreover it is claimed that it has X 21 weight of TVS, good handling, engine performance and technologically capable of racing.

This motorcycle engine with a capacity of carrying 212.4 cc, 4 valve system pengkabutan fuel injection technology. Plus technology twin oil cooler so that the circulation of the oil and the engine cooling system could be better.

Asiknya, TVS X 21 has a light chassis as well as supported by front suspension and rear suspension telescopic model model monoshock that contrived to let cozy when the bulldoze the bend. For information about TVS motorcycle click here.

At metercluster-also can provide information about the digital tachometer digital spidometer, trip meters, clock, timing and acceleration lap timings, cool right?

Avanza, Innova, Fortuner, Rush, and the Agya in great demand of consumers Indonesia


Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Rush, and Astra Toyota AGYA, awarded in the categories of Car, MPV and Toyota Fortuner Toyota Rush SUV category to win the Car, as well as the AGYA in category City Car.

"The election of Avanza, Innova, Fortuner, Rush, and the AGYA in Top Brand Awards 2016 becomes one evidence that our mainstay products remained the main consumer choice in its segment," said Henry Tanoto, Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor through a press release we received after accepting the Top Brand Awards 2016. In the language of the consumer, the Top-winning brands Brand is a brand that is widely known by consumers in Indonesia, many purchased by consumers, and create loyalty for consumers.

Toyota Avanza and Toyota Kijang Innova, managed to bring Toyota dominate the segment MPV at the national automotive market. Over the past year, the largest contributor being the MPV with total sales of 176,326 units (wholesales) or contribute about 54.79% of the total sales of the Toyota.

Imagine The Figure Of Cheap MPV Production Version Toyota-Daihatsu


Figure 7 seater cheap MPV Toyota-Daihatsu altogether have not been leaked to the public. But if curious to imagine what sort of body, might be able to see the figures on this one, the results of the artistic team of digital imaging in OTOMOTIFNET.

Tampangnya will not differ greatly from the development of the last UFC Daihatsu-3 developed from platform Agya-Ayla. Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) says the development of a concept car the UFC is finished, this year entered the fourth year with three times the development. So, just wait for the production version was presented to be marketed.

If heeded, since first appearing in 2012 with a very futuristic look, its doors sliding model, the seats inside are still able to face. However Daihatsu continues to refine, aka increasingly make it more realistic, until the second version appears.
It's been okay. Remove the sliding door and use a conventional door. However the Chair in fact had a unique folding configuration, is folded into the front seat. But it is certainly not yet realistic to produce.

Until finally the 2014 version appears to three, namely the UFC-3. Well this is getting good, realistic look, specifications, to feature. Even arguably to any mass produced only minor finishing alone in some parts.

The main lamp misalanya, production version will be simplified without LED. So too the peleknya stretcher will not be as big and as good as the version of the concept. The design of the wheel rims Agya-Ayla predicted will be embedded. If any is made cooler, perhaps the model two color multi-cross who are current trends.

The grill is also made simpler and minimizes the chrome accents. While the structure of lines and curves of the body, predicted would not be modified at all, because it is quite realistic to be marketed. In general this MPV looks pretty porposional though developed from Agya-Ayla.