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The new generation Mazda VX-1 will be present in Indonesia Year 2016


According to the combined data of the motor vehicle Industry (Gaikindo), Indonesia Mazda VX-1 is indeed just sold 96 units by 2015. A very small number when compared to the Suzuki Ertiga who sold 47015 unit, for the period January-November 2015.

Then why PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) decided keep will make the latest generation of VX-1, even though its not much demand? "Project VX-1 still project principal to principal (prisipal Suzuki and Mazda in Japan). We just run it, "said Astrid Ariani Wijana, Senior Marketing PT MMI. "In addition, the devotees are outside the city also still exists."

To be sure, the loss does not sell MMI PT Mazda V-1. Although its not much volume. "If producing Mazda VX-1 makes a loss, this project might not continue in Indonesia," imbuh Astrid which are very fashionable. The production of VX-1 which is still carried out by Suzuki in Indonesia, it is also not necessarily be burdening the Mazda. "In principle, if there is a demand to be produced," he said.